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About Masaisai

Masaisai Trust is a non-profit making organisation specialising in education. Twenty four years ago a group of Zimbabweans from different professions came together to form the Trust, motivated mainly by a desire to enhance the state of education in Zimbabwe. To date, the Trust operates a well-established school in Westgate: Masaisai Primary School, and is in the preliminary phases of expanding and opening more schools in the country.

The word “Masaisai” is a Shona (local language) word that refers to the wave movement made by a waterbody such as the sea. It is in this name that the overall philosophy of the Trust is embodied. Masaisai Trust seeks to make waves in the education system by holistically moulding young leaders through an integrated approach to learning. Masaisai Primary School first opened its doors to students in 2000; and from its inception to today the focus has been to develop expertly all aspects of a growing child, appreciating the fact that learning techniques and paces differ from child to child. Therefore, while great emphasis is put on academics, the school also gives comprehensive training in other areas such as sports and music to ensure that the development of the child is wholesome. The teacher-to-student ratio (never more than 30 students per class) goes a long way to making this philosophy a living reality.

Our Story
Our Mission

Our Vision

Masaisai Trust’s Mission Statement is to build holistic, child centred, accommodating, and well-resourced learning institutions relevant to the twenty first century and beyond

Masaisai Trust seeks To see a unique, confident, responsible and well-rounded learner rooted in 'Ubuntu and Citizenry'

Our Core Values

  • Uniqueness and diversity
  • Quality Education
  • Ubuntu
  • Integrity
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Core Business

Masaisai Trust is a non-profit organization, the Trust champions exceptional education. Their holistic approach fosters intellectual development and caters to each student's unique needs through personalized academic programs and a well-rounded curriculum.

Our Vision